Trashed AZ Border

I just read this article about all of the trash that illegal immigrants are leaving on the Arizona border.

Here are the quick facts:

  • There are approximately 25,000,000 lbs of trash in the desert
  • That’s about 8 lbs of trash per illegal immigrant
  • The trash includes water bottles, sweaters, jeans, razors, soap, medications, food, ropes, batteries, cell phones, radios, homemade weapons and human waste
  • The five-year tab is $62.9 million for all forms of environmental remediation for immigration-related damage across Southeast Arizona

Outrageous! All this is going to do is continue to lower property values and stimy tourism in those areas.

3 responses to “Trashed AZ Border”

  1. these statistics are always so skewed…i bet it’s really just 5 or 6 illegal imigrants with a few million pounds of trash each giving all the others a bad name.

  2. I was going to make a visual representation showing the number of dump trucks it would take to remove all of that trash, but believe it or not the amount of weight a dump truck is able to carry away is a classified number.

  3. Hmm, they must’ve been to that lake I always take the dogs to because there is trash left behind everywhere. Those dang immigrants leaving their bottles and cans of lite beer on the beach!

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