Tower Defense

I ran across an awesome game last night called Desktop Tower Defense. If you do the 10k game see if you can get past level 71, that’s where I died.

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  1. I have made it to the end of DTD 1.5 in the Fun 10K mode with 9 lives left. To do this I had a group of swarm towers and boost towers in the center and a maze with 4 paths that I opened and closed to keep them going back and forth across some fully upgraded and boosted bash towers. Then on about level 82 I sell off the bash towers and use that to upgrade the swarm towers. Then I use level 84 gold to finish my upgrade of swarm towers and jump to level 91. I do the same there and jump to level 98 and 99. Then with all the air creeps done, I sell off the swarm towers and build a bunch of bash towers to finish everything off.

    The advantage of the 4 paths is that you can fold the groups of creeps back on to themselves keeping them in a tight group. The bash towers bash everything in range with the same full damage, so if you have 20 creeps in range they all get the full damage. This can’t be done with the other towers. Upgraded I can get 4k-6k damage per strike.

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