Top Web Apps in Arizona

I decided it would be fun to put together a list of The Top Web Apps in Arizona. I’ll update this post with more links as I learn about new ones (please leave a comment if you know of a web application that is missing). Nothing would make me happier than to be able to link to additional web apps designed and built by people in AZ.

Web App Arizona is a web site that helps you organize the seating arrangements at events like wedding receptions, conferences, and more. It is run by a two person team from Foolish Software (two great guys).

Web App Arizona

Numly is a web site that assigns a number to almost anything you can upload and there are several spin off web sites such as Docly and Sigly (for signatures). The service is built by a Phoenix developer named Chris Matthieu (another great guy).

Web App Arizona is a video site run by a team in Tempe, AZ and they’ve been hard at it for over 5 years now.

Web App Arizona (this is a site I am a part of) is partially Arizona so it counts. All of the design happens in Arizona and development happens by a team in Poland with management in Pennsylvania. It’s a web site that allows you to share and watch videos with a lot of premium features not found on the other video sites. The site is also hosted in Phoenix.

Web App Arizona

Mosoto, is an application for Facebook that enables file sharing, chat, and music discovery. Five University of Arizona grads joined together and created this application in Tucson, AZ.

Web App Arizona

Litepost is a web based email system entering the market with a different approach to email display. It’s a very competitive market but they may have a new strategy that could work: Overtaking all of the crappy open source email solutions like Horde and Squirrelmail.

Web App Arizona is a valley based web startup that moves to make your workout routine anything but routine. The service allows you to create an mp3 track for your workouts that motivates and keeps you on track. Built by Simon Allardice who attends Refresh Phoenix.

Web App Arizona

Best Party Ever is a web site that helps you plan events (and parties). Built by the folks at Obu Web, you can build a party and coordinate with local vendors all online.

Web App Arizona

Flare9 Website Builder is a web service that people can use to build an inexpensive web site with a WordPress backend management system (obviously highly customized).

Web App Arizona

Ajaxm helps web developers track domain projects for customers.

Just a few thoughts: With all of this talk about building web apps, it’s amazing that there aren’t more from AZ companies. Also, congratulations to all of the above companies for getting from idea to launch successfully. What are your tips?


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  1. An awesome up-and-coming social networking site devoted to music and its fans. We’re based in Tucson, AZ and are still in Beta. We’re also developing a new music search engine ,, that when completed will make Vizions a serious player in the music space. Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks for the nod Chris. Flare9 will be seeing a bit of a front end overall shortly and some new templates provided by local talent. is also deep into developement. It is going to be sick.. 🙂

  3. AS for “tips” here is the best one i can offer. Focus. WE get too many projects going and none of them get the attention they deserve.. laser focus.

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