Tom with his new OSX installation on his Intel Dual Core

Tom installed OSX onto his PC. Here’s a photo of the big moment.

15 responses to “Tom with his new OSX installation on his Intel Dual Core”

  1. I think that this must be one of the characters cut from the new show Heroes.

    “OS X Install On PC Hardware Guy”…

    I have been thinking of trying this for a while. How is it going? Any problems running OS X?

  2. Actually, my PC has a Radeon 1800XT video card (which isn’t fully supported by OS X), so I couldn’t get Core animation to work correctly. I could have probably figured it out if I’d really wanted to, but I didn’t feel like wasting another 8 hours of my life when I’ve already got a real mac on the floor next to my main computer.

    Supposedly, a Radeon 1600 works really well with OS X, but I don’t know for sure.

    At any rate, it was basically just a fun experiment to see if it was even possible, but my main system is back to running Windows XP now.

  3. Good point about the outlet, Darian. I think it’s leftover from an old light switch. All the wires are capped so there’s not much danger of electrocution or fire, but still, we really need to fix that. Looks awful tacky.

  4. This will make you happy Darian… Over lunch I went to Home Depot and got a blank cover plate, then I installed it over the hole.

    Yes, your comment actually physically changed the appearance of our office.

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