This Just In: Salads are bad for you

In a stunning turn of events, it has been discovered that during the months of September and October, leafy spinach and leaf lettuce are bad for you.

This can only mean one thing. Salads are bad for you.

You heard me right, because of possible E. coli contamination, all leaf lettuce is being recalled (at least in parts of the US).

The good news: I had a salad last night and I’m still alive.
The best news: This means a steak is on the menu!

2 responses to “This Just In: Salads are bad for you”

  1. I would have to completely agree with you there! Any excuse to eat more steak.

    Bring on the rib eye fillets with pepper gravy and hot english mustard! Oh yeah!

  2. I looked this up. Apparently, not as much lettuce has been recalled as the media would have us be-“leaf” (sorry. Couldn’t help myself).

    ABC News says, “Besides spinach, the recent recall includes green leaf lettuce under the Foxy brand that was distributed Oct. 3-6 in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. It was also sold to distributors in those states, which may have sold it to restaurants or institutions.”

    So all we have to do is avoid “Foxy” lettuce.

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