“There is no such thing as a free lunch”

True or false?

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  1. Of course there is no free lunch these days. Especially in the society. 20 years ago, probably. Today, no way.

    But if you’re talking about giving free luncheons and free rides to family and friends, that’s another story 🙂

  2. Free often implies whether one deserves the “lunch” as it were in this case. Homeless people (seldom so) are offered free lunches from local churches or missions. Do they deserve the freebie? Thats not for me to judge, but I do know it’s not really free – they still had to get to where they were in life to receive the gift in the first place. So, that lunch really wasn’t free; the homeless individual receiving it has gone through many hardships – self inflicted or not – to get to where they were to accept a free lunch.

    Then there are the free lunches given by conference holders, for example, who give them out their respective attendee’s. But that really isn’t free – most conferences cost a pretty penny, if not require travel to the conference in the first place. It’s kind of like saying, “Come this this charity dinner! It’s $500 a ticket and all proceeds go to support so-n-so funding. You’ll get a free prime rib dinner, too!”

    I’m sure there are many other “free lunch” examples out there, but as many as there are, I believe they all come at one price or another.

    The only free lunch I can think of is not really a literal lunch in as much as it is figuratively speaking an invitation to accept salvation from being eternally separated from God: the taking the blood of Christ. We earned death and separation from God – all of us, because we’ve sinned and therefore are unable to be in the presence of God. But through His love for us (even though we are imperfect and covered in our sin), He made a way for us to be reconciled to Him by accepting that Jesus Christ took our place and paid our penalty for our sin.

    It truly is the only free thing in life I can think of.


  3. I am trying to think of a place where something is absolutely free with no purpose. But for the most part everything that is offered comes at a price or with a purpose behind it.

    One could even argue that Christ asks you would give up self and align your will to Gods. Doesn’t require it for salvation but suggests similar to the life insurance lunches. You still get lunch and technically there are no strings attached. And it will even benefit you in the long run.

  4. Austin —

    Lunches for the waterfowl and certain birds at the zoo and certain parks is free. No expectations other than to eat the crumbs and or seeds when it’s tossed to you.

  5. Anything that has to do with manufactured goods or previously handled goods has had to have costed something at one point. So if you go to a resturant with your someone who is buying you lunch, it’s free for you but others still have to pay. So it’s not a free lunch, technically.

    But I mean you could always go outside, and eat grass, or something to that effect. I believe that would be 100% free.

    So yes, there is free lunch, if you’re willing to eat grass. Otherwise, nope.

  6. Even grass, or even feeding the birds. The principle of TINSTAAFL regards that everything costs you something be it capital ($$$) or opportunity (time) or something else.

    So even feeding the birds requires someones cost of both time and money or the opportunities regarding other things you might have done during that time. While it may be free to one person it still has a price somewhere to someone.

    The complicated effects of living in a society i suppose.

  7. I think the ultimate free lunch is something that doesn’t require time and money and allows you to also do whatever you want at the same time.

    I’d put it akin to someone you don’t know dropping off a tasty hamburger at your desk just as you were thinking of going to get one, and then leaving.

  8. I’m eating a free lunch right now. I’ve said it before, “Whoever says there’s no such thing as a free lunch has never spent any time at MIT.”

  9. YES!!! there is such a thing as a free lunch. Why – only today i went to Chipotle and used a coupon for a free Burrito.

    but then again i had to shell out for a large diet coke and chips and salsa – so umm… okay – there ISN’T such a thing as a free lunch after all!

    Oh umm – yeah, you didn’t mean it like that – you meant it like the old adage right? In which case – definitely NO!!! free lunch = “The Man” feeding you to suck out a little of your soul/creativity/internet surfing time in exchange!

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