The Vista Desktop Photos

Tom forwarded a link to me: Interview with Hamad Darwish, the photographer that took all of the photos for the Windows Vista Desktops. Apparently he took 6,000 photos in 2 weeks and Microsoft only used 5 of them. Amazing.

You can see the photos in this Flickr collection. Trying to find out where to download the high resolution versions.

3 responses to “The Vista Desktop Photos”

  1. My favorite feature in Vista, well…photographers are artists, and perceivers of art. So to me, at the moment, the visual aspect of Vista is quite the lovely thing to have. It is really nice to work with an interface with such an elegant design and that is also very easy to use.

    For some reason, all I could think about at this point was “Has he ever worked on a Mac?” The strange thing is, I’ve never used a Mac and was still thinking that. 🙂

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