The Tipping Point: Google

Google hasn’t tipped from a business point of view — yet, but they just tipped from a “I love Google” perspective in the mind of its users. I think so, anyways. What do you think?

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  1. I “love” google for three reasons:

    1. They have awesome search results.
    2. They’re blazingly fast.
    3. They’re free.

    So far, these things have not changed… So… I still love google.

  2. I have a friend that currently works at Google and although she doesn’t really say much about her particular project, she has made comments about the culture and work environment. And from I gather, Google is definitely an ambitious company that works hard but knows how to have fun & be creative. As a side note, on the day I met up with her – she and several hundred Google employees were coming back from a night at the movies (The Incredibles to be exact) in which Google rented out the entire theatre for Google employees. It’s inevitable that they will become a big company and *possibly* suffer the ill effects of a bloated conglomerate. Yet for the time being, they have been a creative “think outside the box” company and I’m still cool with them for now.


  3. Yeah, Google, of course, works near us. I used to think they were authentically cool but now sometimes I feel like they try too hard. For example, I believe they now drink beer while working in the office. That strikes me as just like when a parent is trying to be cool and goes out and buys cigarettes or alcohol for their kids — it’s not a very smart decision but the kids think it’s cool.

    I’ve also noticed that they are starting to have the productivity levels associated with a big company. Paul Graham talks about how a person working in a start-up can be thought of as *30 times as productive* as the exact same person in a big person company.

    I can already see plenty of signs that the startup mentality from Google has already been replaced by a predominantly “big company” feel.

    All of that notwithstanding, I use google for searches multiple times a day, gmail, google maps, and other services and i love them all! So all in all I think they’ve still done a pretty good job of keeping up their cultural gestalt.

  4. I love Google’s search engine, but I am paranoid of when (if they have not already) Google becomes evil. Consequently, I block cookies from ALL Google websites and I make sure I am not logged into my GMail account other than for mail. DId you notice all of the tracking they do when you leave your Gmail account logged in? Sure, blocking cookies helps most of this.

  5. I don’t love Google because they made me and my girlfriend get lost on the way to Durango, CO. No kidding. Our map had us exiting in an exit THAT DIDN’T EXIST! We made it to our destination, but we now know to use multiple map sites when traveling.

    And for that I think Google is the worst, most evil, vile, blighted, corrupt, despicable, uncourteous, life-threatening, mysogenistic, hell bent, communistic, people-hating, dog kicking, wife beating, poor people exploiting, litte fuzzy bunny smashing, daisy crushing company on the planet.

    Well, not really. I’m just a little dissapointed in the innacuracy of my map.

  6. I like the google sms thing.

    You can send a text message to google at 46645 on your cell phone and ask it tons of different things. Like, “Weather in 85018” or “Movies near 85018”.

    The other day I was near 30th and Camelback here in Phoenix and I was looking for the closest olive garden restaurant.

    1. Text messaged “Olive garden near 30th st and camelback in phoenix, arizona”

    2. Four seconds later, I received a list of all the Olive Garden restaurants in the area, complete with addresses and phone numbers.

    3. I picked one and copied the address into a new text message to google that read, “From 30th st and Camelback to 3380 N Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, AZ”

    4. Google immediately sent me step by step directions to the restaurant.

    Now that’s nifty.

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