the rural Northwest does ecommerce as well as anybody

Skier on Big Mountain

I visited my folks in Kalispell, Montana over Thanksgiving and convinced them to sign up for broadband cable Internet – amazing thing is, this town of like 20,000 now has as many choices as anyone for hi-speed internet: DSL, wireless, and cable. My mom, who has never touched a computer in her life (even though I grew up with them all around) finally went online yesterday, she said. She was checking out Cold Water Creek, which is a clothing store for women based out of Sandpoint, Idaho, where I was born and spent the first 5 years of my life without electricity or a toilet in the bathroom. (sorry to digress) She said the site was easy to use and she found her way around quite nicely. BTW the company has a bunch of positions listed on monster, including Senior Designer. If you want to live near the great outdoors, that’s the place to be.

The photo? That’s Big Mountain, a ski resort in Whitefish, Montana… Vann’s, which is an electronics retailer based in Missoula, is offering a ski trip contest which you might like to enter. It seems they’ve now got one of the best ecommerce stores for electronics online, and even partner with One more note: my first web job (at 17) started in a home office on a cliff overlooking Whitefish Lake, visible in the photo. Even though the startup only lasted a few years, it’s good to see others are succeeding in tech from semi-remote locations like this!

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  1. Amazing, I actually applied to a Monster posting in Coldwater Creek a couple years back before I headed out to Phoenix. Made it pst the first phone interview, and moving to Sandpoint Idaho was an option for a short while…guess it wasn’t meant to be 🙂

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