The iPod accessory I want

I would rush out and buy an iPod today if I could find one simple accessory which I can’t believe hasn’t been created yet. Griffin Technology doesn’t make it, Apple doesn’t make it, and I don’t know why. Why doesn’t anybody make an iPod accessory that plays the radio? I want to be able to take an iPod with me and tune it to any radio station I want (FM and AM).

With radio built in, I would think they could sell more iPods than they are now. Sometimes I don’t want to listen to music and want to listen to the radio. Why not? Anyone know the answer?

7 responses to “The iPod accessory I want”

  1. id rarther buy a solid state one – ok so you dont get the capacity but i dont have plans to buy millions of tracks – and i think the ipod has been superceeded already – technology – BAH!

  2. The problem is I listen to more AM radio stations than FM. I wonder if the problem is electronic interference. Maybe that’s why they haven’t built a radio right into these systems yet.

  3. Our NPR station in Phoenix plays Jazz starting at 7pm every night. They play it till sometime in the early morning and it’s always so cool. If you’re ever in Phoenix, check it out (KJZZ 91.5 FM).

  4. Did anyone notice the ads on the right column suddenly changed to be about iPods? I think it’s because of this post. No, it is because of this post. Interesting.

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