The greatest thing since sliced lettuce

9rulesSo I just stole that post title from a Subway television ad. I was going to try to make a pun about three strikes, or three of anything and it just wasn’t happening. The reason for this post is simple. The 9rules network is having its 3rd round of submissions starting on the 14th and lasting 24 hrs. If you have a weblog, go post something interesting on your site and head over to the 9rules site and submit your site if you think your content is up to snuff. We’ve been a member since July and it has been fabulous.

One response to “The greatest thing since sliced lettuce”

  1. Thanks for the info Chris.

    9rules was my first stop this morning before yours, but I skipped ahead without reading … It’s a good thing that you’re on the ball this morning. I’m still working on my first cup of coffee.

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