The Godfather

What is it about The Godfather that makes it the #1 movie of all time, according to the IMDb Top 250. I admit to having only seen bits and pieces, never the entire film. Should I see it?

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  1. I think it has something to do with our desire as humans to control our own destiny. The idea of a mob runs against the rules and laws of our society. If you want something, the mob mentality is to just reach out and take it. Mix in some family values such as “the Godfather” who dotes on family members under him, and you end up with a violent film that justifies itself by paradoxically making you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  2. I won’t bother to extoll the film itself, that’s been done countless other times by those more articulate than myself. However I find “classic” films are often worth seeing simply for the number of Simpsons gags that you’ll suddenly appreciate.

  3. I will not return to your blog until you watch The Godfather and Godfather II (I’m serious. I’ll subscribe to the comment feed and wait for your review until I read another post). They are two of the top 5 greatest movies ever. Stop doing what you are doing right now- right this minute, go rent them, watch them, and then thank me.

  4. Man, there are so many lessons in the Godfather movies — all three of them. Business, family, integrity, honor, revenge, protection, love, hate, religion, corruption, and of course, the classic battle of good and evil…everything most of us deal with on a daily basis is addressed in that trilogy.

    I highly recommend you see all three — but especially I and II. If you see the first one, you really need to see the second to fill in the back story and more fully appreciate and fully understand the first.

    If you don’t buy any of those reason, try this…it’s simply a great story. Think about how long it’s been since you’ve seen a modern day movie that really had a great story driving it. If you’re anything like me you’d have to say it’s been a while.

  5. I love the Godfather movies. What makes them great IMO is the character development, you rarely get this type of character development in todays movies. And the acting it top notch.

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