The CEO Position is Open

If you could be CEO of either Google or Microsoft, which would you run?

Personally, I’d probably say Microsoft simply because they currently have the most potential for growth, and it’s somewhat fun to be the underdog. Maybe being the underdog (at least in the Internet space) will allow part of Microsoft to innovate and take on Google.

Side question, if you could run any company out there, which one would you want to manage?

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  1. After thinking about it a bit, you could also say that Google is the underdog in all areas except ‘search and the internet.’

    So with that said, if Google was to enter the business areas that Microsoft already dominates, it could be just as interesting.

    The big question though is whether Google should create an operating system…. Google OS as it has been called. I don’t think they are going to make one. But who knows. The bigger question is who would use it??

  2. In the movies, whenever there is a young, upstart hotshot that apparently can do no wrong and has everyone oohing all over him and the old codger who’s better days passed long ago and everyone is ready to put out to pasture…

    The old codger kicks the cocky kids ass every single time, and teaches him a thing or two in the process.

    Given that, I think I’d want to be CEO of Microsoft.

  3. I’d like to see Microsoft take a queue from the auto industry. When a car company is doing well the suits limit innovation, thinking “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… or change anything at all, no matter how stale or bloated it may be”. As soon as they drop in rank they open the flood gates for the design team and push new/innovative styles as much as they can, figuring “we need to be different, we need to be better, we need some attention”.

    This would be a great time for an actual sea change at MS, not just a new ad campaign where kids doodle dragons “on a world of windows”.

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