The 9rules Wallpaper

The 9rules Snowflake. What do you think? Should I make some different resolution versions?

3 responses to “The 9rules Wallpaper”

  1. I think it was nice back in the Winter of ’05 when it was relevant seasonally and network size wise. As someone posted on the 9R site, adding the new sites that have come on since then, and subtracting whatever’s left since then, is going to bork the design royally. So at this point, I think it serves fine as it is, as an historical reference. Come up with a new one, and then do that one in various resolutions.

    I do think you did a great job with this, even though those rays are reminding me of something else. But, I’m sure if I focus, I’ll think of it before too long.


  2. Very neat, Chris. 🙂 I could see this becoming a sweet Flash app, or something along those lines. Especially when they start adding additional members.

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