Ten CSS tricks you may not know

So for our CSS guru’s, you know who you are, how many of these do you know??? Ten CSS tricks you may not know.

3 responses to “Ten CSS tricks you may not know”

  1. I use most of these every day. Shorthand CSS is nice, but it can be hard to read, thus I generally write it the long way while till I’m done tweaking a site, then collapse the code into shorthand to save space.

    Number 5 there, image replacement, is probably the most powerful advance ever in web design, allowing you to make a page that’s fully graphical but also is readable if you turn the CSS off. I don’t like the technique mentioned here tho – Google has already started banning sites that push the text way off to the left. Instead, I prefer the Leahy/Landridge method that eliminates the extra Span element.

  2. Huh, that’s really interesting. The only problem is if somebody searches the page. In the example you linked to it shows up. Which isn’t bad, it’s just weird.

  3. There’s some inaccuracies in that article. !Important is not ignored by IE, it’s just flakey at best, but it recently solved a problem that could not be fixed otherwise in IE 6 SP2,.

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