Tempe Town Lake not friendly to sailors – Tempe Town Lake

This is crazy! The City of Tempe is not allowing the Arizona Sailing Foundation (a non profit group that teaches sailing classes to the public on Tempe Town Lake) to hold classes at Tempe Town Lake anymore.

For the last several years the group has tought sailing classes at Tempe Town Lake to hundreds of students. Even actively promoted by Tempe, the group has been asked to participate in media reports and promotional events. The group has also stored boats in the dry storage at the lake.

Tempe Town Lake was built with tax dollars and Tempe is basically discriminating against this group of sailors because they’re not banning anyone else from the lake including a sculling team.

In fact, there was no reason given. This post is intended to be here for Google searchers to find and learn about this problem and to encourage Tempe to reconsider.


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  1. I live in Tempe and that really honks me. I was signed up to take their next set of classes… Time to call Mr. Hallman!

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