Table Tennis on the XBox

I don’t have an XBox but I might have to get one after seeing Table Tennis for XBox! It’s awesome! Check out these screenshots and this excellent review by Matt Brett.

4 responses to “Table Tennis on the XBox”

  1. You should get one and hook it up to your giant computer screen. We could play it in the evenings.

    Come on… You know you want to! 😉

  2. tell you what… i did not expect this game to be so much fun i just played it for 2hr… it is so much fun… i got it a few days ago and was not in a hurry to try… well today I did…

    anyway I highly recommended

  3. Chris, I can bring my 360 over sometime… I think your monitor has Component Video inputs.

    I don’t have the table tennis game but a friend at work does and I could borrow it.

    What say ye!?

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