Apple ran an ad campaign we’re all familiar with a few years ago and the whole thing revolved around a single word: Switch. Apple was on a campaign to convince millions of Americans to switch to Apple computers.

Why hasn’t anybody suggested going Hybrid?

Hybrid is a popular concept with vehicles. The concept is simple: use gas AND electric and save money and go farther. What about computers? Are computers so life encompassing that a person can’t use both? Do you even know anyone who uses Macs and PCs on a regular basis? Even somebody that uses two computers consistently? I might own a half dozen PCs and several Macs but I use just one computer consistently.

Lately I’ve been seriously considering switching. Most of the programs I use on a daily basis are readily available on both platforms. So there isn’t much reason not to switch. Some programs though are not available. So I’d have to keep a computer to run those apps. What’s preventing me from using two computers daily?

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  1. Nothing at all, really!

    I think most people who use two or more computers/operating systems (such as Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux) do it out of necessity. They have to use a different type of ‘puter for different jobs. (Okay, I think I just needlessly stated the obvious).

    Anyways, I think the main reason just to use the Mac (in your case, at least) is for the OS. For me, OS X doesn’t get in my way, it looks nice (which effects the overall experience), and it’s extremely easy to use and get back-and-forth between programs (plus stability and near-immunity from malware). Etc., etc. Blah blah blah.

  2. Andrew is right. I am a die hard Mac lover, and use a PC running Windows 2k 40 hours a week. I am lucky if I get more then 5 hrs work time on my mac. However, what you do also dictates what you use. For example, most any ‘gamer’ will tell you that the spped/low cost and abundance of PC games is the reason to buy a Windows machine over mac. In either case, I actually have grown to ‘like’ windows box’s…everything has it’s purpose.


  3. I’ve been doing the hybrid thing for quite a while simply because it was easier than moving from one to another. As any designer knows, both platforms have their strong suits and are both pretty solid. (Windows being properly secured and buttoned down, of course…)

    I’ve been toying with the idea of seting up a KVM to share monitor, keyboard and mous between two machines. There are plenty out there that are up to the task (both a PC and mac), but I’m looking at a switch that Gefen makes. Clint DeBoer at Audioholics wrotea nice review about doing exactly what I’m talking about.

  4. It’s easier to keep one computer as your main machine, if only because you don’t have to move files, change preferences all the time, etc. Here are some solutions for those who prefer to use a Mac but need to do a few things on the PC from time to time: if you have a PC already, and it’s networked, you can enable remote administration, then run that desktop remotely from your Mac with RDC (free). I use this every day to test sites in IE PC, and it’s fast. If you don’t have a free PC to connect to, there is always Virtual PC which emulates the machine right on your mac. It is slower however.

    If you have both a mac AND pc right on your desk, with two monitors, instead of getting a KVM I suggest using a program like Share My Desktop or VNC… this allows you to just move the one mouse/keyboard over to the other computer just as if it was one desktop! This is the ideal networked solution if you have two monitors.

  5. Good ideas everybody and I’ll check out some of the software and hardware recommendations.

    Instead of a KVM switch, why not just have two USB hubs and plug everything into one and then plug and unplug things? I know somebody doing this and I understand it’s a simple process. Although it’s not a single button.

    My current sony monitor has a button to switch between two computers. I rarely use it but it’s pretty cool.

    I think I could do what Ben suggests with two monitors and just share the keyboard and mouse. Actually, I’d probably just use laptop keyboards with unique mice for each. I hope the mice don’t fight.

    Riddle: If a cat dies while swallowing a mouse, who killed who?

  6. I program ASP.Net and until I can do it on a Mac (I know, I know: Mono. It’s far from usable) I have to live with all of the typical Windows problems. I can really see the difference between the two. OS X is so much better in so many areas it’s not worth listing. I do get to come home, put away the Gateway and sit down at my new Mac Mini for some computer bliss. I’d go with both, but beware, you’ll end up ditching the PC in, I’d say a month, if you truly stick to it.

  7. TO CHRIS:::
    what is the answer to the riddle: If a cat swallowed a mouse and then the cat died, who killed who?

    Its really bugging me!

  8. Alicia: Heh, well I don’t want to dissapoint but I don’t think there is an answer. I heard it on the radio though, so perhaps there is one.

    It strikes me as the type of riddle that has no answer. Sort of like “what came first? The chicken or the egg?” —

  9. Alicia: It’s a socilogical question. If you believe it is right that it is in the nature of the cat that causes it to kill the mouse and not a malicious act then the mouse killed the cat. If on the other hand you believe the cat can control its actions and knows that killing the mouse is wrong then the cat killed the mouse.

    Hope this ends the bugging for you.

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