Surprisingly cool links

Lots of free fonts from movie titles and brands. I saw some good ones like Lord of the Rings and and Mentos.

The GUI Interface Gallery. can help you analyze a home’s value.

Here’s a really cool crab. Somebody needs to animate this guy and give him a voice.

A huge collection of near perfect photos.

This is a really cool video (Windows Media).

Oh the temptation to insert letters into the capital letter “C” is so, so tempting.

I’m downloading all of the mp3s from this site… Carson Workshops Summit – The Future of Web Apps.

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  1. What a coincidence, I was told about the Zillow site just this week (Tuesday to be exact) after a co-worker ran across an ad for it in the newspaper. I like the interface; it is so much nicer than the one that’s used by real-estate agents (for Arizona – They base their comparables on info gathered from the county recorder’s office, yet I wonder what kind of a time lag there is between what and the country recorder has? Any real-estate agents care to elaborate?

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