Why people play the lottery

So if you’re wondering I wasn’t the person who won the lottery. I didn’t buy a ticket (I understand that diminishes my chances of winning, but only slightly).

So if you recall a week ago I had the delema of whether to join in with the office lottery pool. Well that sparked quite a few emails and comments on the subject and everyone was saying to me…

“Chris!! Just do the math. Statistically you cannot win.”

So I totally agree with everyone. Just to set the record straight. Apparently several people were concerned I was wasting my hard earned money on lottery tickets. Not so.

However this did bring up the chance to talk about why people might play the lottery. Are they really stupid? No.

So why might someone play the lottery?


It gives some people who have very little just a glimmer of hope. Not hope in anything everlasting, but I guess you could call it enough to get through a day. I can’t think of any other reason to buy a lottery ticket unless you have a friend that works at the lottery, haha.

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