Starbucks Iced Coffee

Photo by yours truly. I’ve been getting these all summer instead of Caramel Macchiato’s.

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  1. Don’t get me started on caramel macchiatos. Starbucks has single-handedly ruined my ability to easily get a decent macchiato in Minneapolis.

    The dialog goes something like this:
    me – “I’d like a triple macchiato to go, please.”
    barrista – “Okay. *pause…turns back around* “You want a real macchiato or a caramel macchiato?”
    me – “A macchiato. No caramel in there, please.”
    barrista – ” You know what that is, right?”
    me – “yes. thanks.”

    This isn’t even at a Starbucks! People are going everywhere ordering a macchiato expecting something that tastes sugary sweet! bah! :^) This is almost as horrific as the people who expect a cappucino to be like that hazelnut flavored powder stuff you can buy at a convenience store. meh.

    ahhh….venting complete.

  2. What ever happened to “I’ll have regular coffee.” I still like plain ol’ regular filtered coffee and I feel like an idiot ordering it from places like Starbucks. As though I’m not normal if my order doesn’t cost $15 and contains a handful of adjectives and a few verbs.

  3. Haha, you guys.

    So everybody knows how Starbucks works. I used to get those Frappachino’s (5 years ago), then moved to White Chocolate Mocha’s (3 years ago) and then Caramel Macchiato’s, and now iced coffee and half the time just a latte or a coffee. Pretty sad really, you’d think a blast of sugar would never get old.

    Ever try a doppio macchiato, Jason? My friend loves them. I’m working up the guts to order an espresso con panna which I just learned about.


    This is one reason I really like the Spanish Latte at the place down the street. It’s sweet but not because of sugar. They use sweetened condensed milk. Makes it interesting without being all sugary.

  4. I usually prefer ristretto shots in my macchiatos, but a doppio – while a different critter – is also a good jumpstart for the day.

    If you enjoy espresso, a con panna just adds the happiness of a little whipped cream. mmm…cream.

    Here’s another you might not be aware of, but is amazing at the right time…the espresso corretto. Espresso combined with a little liquor or spirits. Traditionally, it’s grappa. But I really like a little bit of cognac. It’s a great warmup in the winter here in Minnesota. Just be careful not to overwhelm the flavor of the espresso with too much booze.

  5. This coffee sucks, starbucks ruins coffee by sweetening it to the point where its not even coffee anymore, its not even real coffee. My personal fave is the human bean 🙂

  6. ok
    i did not see the answer to the qeustion
    is this good for me
    is it good for a diabetic
    is it good for people with high cholesterol
    is it good for peopel taking strong meds for diabeties
    is it good for kids with diabeties
    isit good for kids and adults with weight problems

    so here it is for me
    i ask for a ice coffee of decaf
    and made with splenda
    and no sugar in any products
    fat free moo milk
    non fat dairy cream
    it is not just the sugar folks
    yes some sugar is in all things
    some a little sugar wont kill a diabetic
    but the carbs
    is what the above have to worry about
    carbe is starch which is sugar which is glucose
    again some amount of carbs is ok a small amount
    dont take my word
    ask your diabetic educator or dieticion
    or the doctor that is trying to help you with the above problems

    please i do like ice coffee my mom use to drink it in the 1950 and 60s
    for the summer cool down when we had no air conditione
    and we dam sure couldnt afford fans because of the electric bill i am off focus again

    juvinile diabeties is on the rise lets all be responsible
    for our childrens health.
    thank you
    god bless you and yours
    amen amen

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