Flying monkeys

Here’s an interesting article about the upcoming Narnia movie and some of the story behind the movie production.

The hot new colors according to Jim. Pretty ugly.

Oh, and BrainFuel reader Ward Andrews has a cool blog I’ve been checking recently and posted a good observation about In-N-Out’s menu design. I must agree. The total thought process is about 2 seconds and that’s really nice.

I’m an official cabbage. You can be, too!

Iconnographer – Anybody use it? Looks great.

Where is the cheapest gas in town? A great combination of Google Maps with publicly provided data. If you’re in Phoenix then Phoenix Gas Prices is good, too. Probably the same data.

Google is playing around with personalization options and I’m curious to know what you think. You can add movies, weather, Wired news, Slashdot, and a host of other information pieces to your Google homepage. It helps if you have a Gmail account since then you can start right away (without registering).

Newspaper Design Blog shows jpgs of major newspapers around the world, every single day. That’s pretty neat. Plus they have some good stuff on Mt. St. Helens. has some nice user guides.

Ten Things I Didn’t Know About Google.

Fundable is interesting.

Everything You Thought You Knew About Grilling Is Wrong

3 responses to “Flying monkeys”

  1. cabbages unite! as for in-n-out, 2 seconds to read the menu, 3 seconds to decide if you want vanilla, chocolate or straberry shake…thanks for the link chris!

  2. Yeah, the other place that has a simple menu is Chipotle. Basically you decide whether you want a burrito in a bowl or in a tortilla or if you want tacos. From there you pick your toppings. I’m going to bet that’s why it’s so popular.

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