Do you sleep with your socks on or off?
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  1. There’s just now way I could possibly sleep with socks on. The feet just get so stuffy.

  2. Believe it or not, I sometimes wear some really loose, stretched out socks so that my feet are both comfortable and warm. I usually only do this when it’s really cold though.

  3. I sleep with my socks on because all my socks are really loose and stretched out and hang halfway off my feet. my girlfriend says its the cutest thing. LOL. i go around all day with my socks all bunched up in my shoes like a 12 year old but i keep my shoe laces really loose so it feels real cool

  4. my girl makes me wear my socks really long and loose so that they flop off the ends of my feet. there is more sock hanging off than on my feet. it doesn’t bother me cause i keep my shoes all loose too and my socks are all bunched up in them. my girl says i look like her 9 year old brother whose socks are always flopping around too. some body start a posting on socks hanging off cause i don’t know how and a lot of boys are wearing their socks like this now.

  5. Socks

    Once again…. digging deep in the great minds of Richway….

    Is it really so strange that people wear socks to bed? This was the topic of post lunch discussion today.

    What do you think?

    Here is an amusing link about wearing socks to bed – htt

  6. I wear all my socks really long and stretched out too. I never pull them up cause they’ll fall down into my shoes again and i want them to flop around when i take my shoes off. My girl thinks its really cute too. I showed her pictures of when i was growing up and my socks have always flopped at least 8 inches off the ends of my feet. Me and a fraternity brother got caught drinking in our dorm room and the police took us to jail. We were both only wearing baggy jeans and really long floppy socks that hung 8 or 10 inches off the ends of our feet. they took us to jail like that. two soft wimpy little college boys in jail with our jeans sagging and our socks hanging off. two black guys almost rape d us until the guards let us out. it was awesome!

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