Seeking Developer for Contract Job

We are looking to bring on a web developer for a project (this would be a 1099 gig) and have everything ready for a developer to begin. We will also consider a small team. Up until today we had planned to have a developer work on this project and then the plans fell through.

Everything is completely specified and all of the screens are developed. We just need to tie them all together. Preferably a PHP developer, but we’ll consider others in the open source arena.

Please, no placement agencies or contracting agencies, principals only.

10 responses to “Seeking Developer for Contract Job”

  1. I would be interested in knowing more about this and possibly applying. Could you please email me a more detailed spec?

  2. I don’t know php, but one time I wrote a batch file that changed all my text files in one directory to be uppercase on the second letter. I’m sure if I put my mind to it, I could learn it in a couple months. You would of course need to pay me for the ramp-up time. And I require a signer’s fee of 10k.

    You know where to find me…


  3. What’s a 1099? Is tha some sort of US tax code or something? You considering internationals? I’m definitely interested in working with you guys.


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