Do you wear a seatbelt regularily and if so, was there ever a point in your life where you didn’t?

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  1. I do, and the only time I didn’t was when my parents had an old clapped out car in, I think, 80-83 that didn’t have seatbelts.

    I don’t wear a seatbelt if I’m in a cab, though, strangely enough…

  2. I do.

    I didn’t wear one as a teen/young adult (17-22ish) because I had that silly notion that nothing bad could happen to me.

  3. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I’ve not worn a seatbelt.

    I had a Geo Tracker (death trap) as my first car back in the mid-90s, and the ease of getting that vehicle on two wheels was a constant reminder of why I wore that belt.

    That and seatbelts simply hold you in the seat better around turns — think race car drivers.

  4. I used to all the time. Over the past few years I got out of the habit. Now the cops are stepping up enforcement so I’m endeavoring to wear them. That and I’m riding my motorcycle as much as possible. =)

  5. I’ve always worn it on long drives (more than 15 minutes), but I used to ignore it on short trips around town. Then last year I was required to take a driver safety course to get a college-issued license that would allow me to drive college-owned vehicles for my department. They showed a bunch of images of people who were in accidents within 5 miles of their home and who had not been wearing seatbelts. Many of the accidents occurred at speeds below 20 miles per hour. Graphic and gruesome. Now I always wear it. No exceptions.

  6. I guess since the seat belt law came into effect (85?) I’ve been wearing them all the time — it’s just a habit now to buckle up.

    But when I was a kid in the late 60’s and 70’s, can’t really said that I ever did. I’m one of those folks that can remember being, like 6 or 7, and in the front passanger seat. Everytime my mom would come to a stop or have to slow down, her right arm would come reaching out to cross my chest to brace me against the seat.

    When not in the front seat of the car, I can remember hopping over the seat that seperated the back from the waay back in a neighbors station with my friends while cruising down the road.

    Of course, I think that was also before shoulder belts became standard features.

    Now I get paranoid if my own kids aren’t precisely buckled in to their booster chairs or car seats when we go just a few miles down the road to the store.


  7. Interesting what Douglas mentioned. In 1996, when I was 17, there were about twenty seconds between when I got my friend’s car until we crashed into another car and I broke the windshield with my head — we both did, my friend and I. For those twenty seconds I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. I was about to buckle up, but we had just gotten in the car.

    So, now I’m better about buckling up before I turn the car on. We are both fine now, by the way. The ambulance dudes thought we were super hurt and going into shock because we were sweaty and had bruises all over, but those were already there from skateboarding just before the crash, haha.

  8. i didn’t wear it before i had my license, i was a stupid kid. after i got my license i started wearing it just to avoid tickets. i wear it now for protection and safety and i try to make all my friends to wear it.

    keep in mind this is costa rica.

  9. I have worn it my entire life. When I was younger it was because my parents made me, but now it’s becuase I have seen those videos at school of similar crashes where people wore their seatbelt and those who didn’t.

    Let just say the average difference was about 3-4 quarts of blood (50-66% of the total amount of blood in your body).

  10. I didn’t when I was young and invulnerable, but started to wear it on-and-off after my daughter was born in ’86, figuring it would improve my chances of still being her for her. As chance had it, I was wearing it about six months later and was in a very bad accident. The seat belt unquestionably saved my life and not only have I worn it ever since, I became a zealot and insist that everyone wear one when I’m in the vehicle, whether I’m driving or not.

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