Search boxes that pop up as a layer

I’ve seen this technique before on the old US West web site however since then I’ve seen it only once or twice (and it’s been over two years).

Basically it works like this. Go to the ProjectCMS Forum and click on the Search button and you’ll see the technique. A layer pops up instead of taking you to a new page. Cool.

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  1. Lux Coffee Bar in Phoenix roasts their own coffee & their lattes are good. But I much prefer Seattle Espresso (not to be confused with Seattle’s Best the Starbucks spin-off). They use Illy coffee from Italy and they know how to do that perfectly-timed shot. In my book, Seattle Espresso makes the only latte that requires no sugar, honey, cinnamon, etc. It is always smooth and never, never bitter. They have a few locations:
    1840 E Warner Rd #136, Tempe
    710 West Elliot Rd, Tempe
    891 N. Val Vista Dr #d-101, Gilbert
    4722 E. Ray Rd. Phoenix

  2. The B-Line Cafe, on 4th Ave, in Tucson. You can’t go wrong, the homemade pies go great with anything off their Faema E61.

    This is not a good week to start a diet.

  3. I find its a rare thing to find good coffee at a resaurant. Every now and again i try something somewhere but no dice. I am a big fan of the B-line though. I’ll have to write this list down.

  4. Now, are we talking about food places that serve great coffee or great coffee places that serve food. There is a distinct difference. It all depends on what they title themselves as or which is the most dominant product. Epic cafe serves an ok cup as well as sandwiches and pastries, they are a coffee shop that serves food.

  5. If we’re talking restaurants: The Orange Table in Scottsdale serves up a great cup of joe, (lookout cause there is powerful mojo in ’em!) and their food is excellent as well! They also have a very unique coffee soda. Yep, Coffee Soda! (

    I also like the My Florist Cafe on McDowell and 7th Ave. in Phoenix for a good bite to eat and a cup of coffee over one of their chocolate deserts. Mmmm.

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