Saturday and why I’m not going to Fry’s Electronics

So this weekend was supposed to be nice and slow and I was going to take some time off. Maybe I still can, but first I have to fix two computers. Ugh.

My main laptop said “memory_management” and froze yesterday. Since then it won’t boot up. The famous blue screen of death. I think one of my RAM chips went bad. I know it’s hardware related because of everything I’ve read online. I’m beginning to hope it’s a bad RAM chip because replacing the motherboard in a laptop doesn’t really happen. Especially laptops going on 2 years.

One of my other computers needs a power unit. Should be a piece of cake compared to my laptop. There’s talk of having a multiple-person computer game event this weekend so I want to be ready.

Now I just need to decide if it’s worth it to go to Fry’s Electronics or if I should go to CompUSA and maybe spend a little extra but have more sanity. Yep, I’d rather pay more. CompUSA it is.

Well, here’s to Labor Day weekend. Go mow the lawn, make a hot dog with mustard and cheese and sit back and relax.

4 responses to “Saturday and why I’m not going to Fry’s Electronics”

  1. Haha, I am so glad to hear somebody agrees with me. Plus with gas prices the way it is I’ll end up saving money not having to make trips back to Fry’s to return stuff.

  2. I had the same problem with my laptop. It ended up that my memory slot on the motherboard burned out (a month after my warranty ran out). The laptop worked as long as the memory chip was removed. So now I am stuck with 128mb of built-in memory.

    It sucks, I hope you don’t have the same problem.

  3. Jeff – Thanks for the interesting feedback. I don’t know if that is what has happened yet but I’ll know soon enough. I’ll do some tests. It turned out that taking out the 1 GB chip fixed it. So now I’m running on just 512. That’s more than you have but not enough. I can manage for a little while though.

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