Satugo: bouncing ball camera


A bouncing camera. I’m not sure from reading the site whether it bounces in the air like a bouncy ball or what but it looks like fun. The site isn’t half bad looking and on the media page they even have photos prepped for bloggers. Would you pay $70 for one of these? Reminds me of kite photography.

As with any cool new toy, there is an application for government and military use. That application is called The EyeBall and it sends video and pictures over a short distance for 2 hours. Now that is cool! More: –

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  1. Ok, so according to their site, you either throw it and wherever it hits / bounces off of it snaps a picture at the moment of impact, or you set a timer and throw it – as is indicated in the photo here.

    Here’s my question –
    How do you control, in a throwing motion, where the lens in going to be positioned. I mean what are the odds your lens is going to be perfectly positioned to catch the seagull’s face in mid-flight when you toss it?

    From a website design perspective, I’m really diggin’ how they handled the media downloads. That is really intelligent design.

  2. Yeah, you pretty much asked all of the questions I had. It’s probably more of a gimick.

    To really have any real use you’d have to be able to control them. What would be really cool would be a video that is on a remote controled airplane.

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