Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

When you were little, did you believe in Santa Clause?

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  1. Being a Christian, I not only want to portray to my kids what our faith believes to be true about this season, but I also want to share with them the truth about Santa Clause. For the past couple of years (as my daughter in now nearly 10! ugh.) my wife and I have struggled with her outlook on the season. We’re not anti-santa, we just want her to know the truth! My wife came across this article the other day and forwarded it on to me and a few others that she deemed fit. Its a great read and really tells a lot of the history and true story of Saint Nicolas.

    I posted the article on my blog.

  2. Hi Brainfuel!

    I did. But one day my mother let it slip that the easter bunny didn’t really exist. And it all unravelled from there.

    When I have kids, hmmm. Wow, I dunno. I guess it’s a nice fantasy. I’m a big believer in magic so if it creates a little magic for them then maybe 🙂

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