San Juan Islands

A small island in the San Juan Islands. Great place.

3 responses to “San Juan Islands”

  1. Beautiful. With the exception of the mountainous background and the rocky island terrain, it reminds me of an island near where I was snorkeling in Belize just over a week ago.

    Makes me want to go back. Island life is good.

  2. We went sailing in these islands for three days. The first day we left the marina and before looking at the charts found ourselves in 5 feet of water going 5 knots (that’s like 5 mph which is fast for a sailboat).

    So what do you do when you find yourself in 5 feet of water? You look over the side and see the bottom and hope you don’t hit a rock which can do all kinds of damage.

    We did make it out and that was very nice. Most of this area is around 40 to 100 ft deep although you have to be careful.

    Thanks for the comments guys. There’s a bunch more pictures I’ll be posting.

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