San Diego Zoo

I’m back from a weekend trip to the San Diego Zoo, which was tons of fun. Here are a few photos.

This bird looks like he needs hands.

Some cool elephants.

We got to see the panda bears.

My new hero.

8 responses to “San Diego Zoo”

  1. Impressive photos! The S.D. Zoo is enchanting and you’ve certainly captured its essence in these photos. I lived in Little Italy one year so know Balboa Park and miss its natural beauty. Incidentally, I took my family to the Phoenix Zoo this past weekend and also recorded a few memories ( but considering that your stills are of a National Geographic quality, you may want to avoid the pain of viewing mine. Thanks for sharing. I like your domain name, tight content and caption contests…adding you to my locals’ OPML.

  2. You know you really are a fine photographer, Chris. Good composition and lighting. I’m sure that snazzy camera you have doesn’t hurt, but framing a good shot is something that you have to think about and you’ve done that well.

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