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San Diego Zoo

I’m back from a weekend trip to the San Diego Zoo, which was tons of fun. Here are a few photos.

This bird looks like he needs hands.

Some cool elephants.

We got to see the panda bears.

My new hero.

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  1. Impressive photos! The S.D. Zoo is enchanting and you’ve certainly captured its essence in these photos. I lived in Little Italy one year so know Balboa Park and miss its natural beauty. Incidentally, I took my family to the Phoenix Zoo this past weekend and also recorded a few memories ( but considering that your stills are of a National Geographic quality, you may want to avoid the pain of viewing mine. Thanks for sharing. I like your domain name, tight content and caption contests…adding you to my locals’ OPML.

  2. You know you really are a fine photographer, Chris. Good composition and lighting. I’m sure that snazzy camera you have doesn’t hurt, but framing a good shot is something that you have to think about and you’ve done that well.

  3. Thanks Ryan and Armie for the nice comments. I’m not sure if they are National Geographic quality, but the compliment is nice! Thanks!

  4. I love the pictures they are awesome! The elephants are so cute.