Now this is totally cool. Apparently it costs $375,000 and the underside of the car is virtually flat meaning great aerodynamics.

4 responses to “Saleen”

  1. wow. Just hope you don’t hit a bump going 200 mph and catch some wind under the car. I saw a video clip of a similar car taking off like an airplane and flipping like 20 feet in the air. haha!

  2. Tommy, no need to worry about little bumps at 200mph in this car…

    Saleen claims that the aerodynamics of this car are so great that at 160 mph the car produces enough downforce to be able to drive upside down. I’ve love to see a video clip of that!!

  3. I saw this car a couple of years ago at an autoshow. Looks great in photos, but close up and in person, a bit disappointing – especially when parked next to other super exotics.

    The body is thin and looks like it’s screwed to the frame. My worry, at 200 mph, would be at what point is it going to start to disentrigrate.

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