Realignments and Branding

Cameron Moll has a new article up on A List Apart you should read. It’s called Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign.

This is an important article folks and here’s my take on why: Design isn’t about pretty aesthetics and consistent typography. Instead, as this article points out, it’s really about branding. I notice this with blog designs. Design is one way we identify a weblog, another is the content style, and a third is the personality. You could argue that name and web site address are a fourth variable however let’s just presume for a minute that someone doesn’t remember your name.

When someone does a complete overhaul of their weblog it actually modifies the perception people will have of them. So it begs the question. If a major overhaul is in order should it be done in bite size chunks or all at once or not at all?

In other news, we now have a slightly new header image (where I’ve no doubt broken this very rule). Props to the first person who can guess where I got the picture of the space ship.

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