Real or fake?

Drudge thinks this photo of Castro might be fake. This is the highest resolution version I could find. What do you think? It’s a very good Photoshop job if it is fake. It’s also one of the only newspapers in the world that doesn’t care about lots of white space!

4 responses to “Real or fake?”

  1. Interesting…when I saw that photo this morning, I thought it seemed a little fake. It’s interesting to read the different theories on what the “real” story is.

  2. I am usually willing to admit when pictures are real but that image shows a lot of signs that its photoshopped.

    1.As you said – white space,
    2. Ultra clear newsprint and really white paper. (maybe a white balance issue)
    3. Feathering on the right of the paper. A cheap and easy way to make something look real but doesnt always cut it. Although i could be wrong. But he’s way dead.

    Just my opinion. I’d say a 10 minute photoshop job. Go here (myspace profile) to see a 5 minute photoshop job with me a monster energy drink applying similar techniques. (its in the comments)

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