Reading the signs on the street

Here’s an interesting question. When you are driving somewhere, do you read all/most of the signs along the road or do you simply head to your destination?

I ask the question because I read all of the signs as I pass them, including billboards.

So what about you? Do you just head to your destination without reading any signs or do you read them?

Just curious.

10 responses to “Reading the signs on the street”

  1. I don’t usually make it a habit of reading all the signs, but once in a while there are one or two that will grab my attention for one reason or another.

  2. I’d say it’s a mixture of both, thus lending a sort of free-market availability to my attention. If it catches my attention and interest, it has earned it in some sort of capacity. Of course, this is relevant only to billboards and other advertisements…

    Street signs, only if I am in a new area and need to read signs to get where I’m going. 🙂

  3. If I’m driving, it’s impossible to read all them. I live in LA, so there’s a *lot* of reading out there!

    If I’m a passenger, I do look at a lot more of them, but I think that even walking, you’d have to pause from time to time to read all of them.

    I like looking at the design of the signs – sometimes a billboard or a busstop bench will have a really interesting or intriguing design for a change.

  4. i’m a very observant person, partly because i can’t stand to miss out on anything more than i already have. but mostly because of my military training, watching for things really is second nature.

    watching signs, people, other cars, avenues of escape, land based missiles flying toward you and dogs defecating the sidewalk while out on walks are among the norm. sometimes, i even catch people picking their noses while driving! those are hilarious to find… (only because i can relate i suppose).

  5. I’ll usually see or take notice of all of them (some more than others) but then 9 times out of 10 I’ll miss the one directional sign that I really needed to see.

  6. I dont notice ANY signs on the streets. I am so bad about this. I can drive to the same place ever day for years and not know what businesses I pass on the way.

    I am a very focused driver.

  7. The signs you see are the crossroads of your life. Or, as the gentleman stated above, “The sign he didn’t see was the crossroad in his life.” Signs lead our minds in directions we never thought we’d go. But suddenly, there we are. Highway dreamin’.

  8. If I know where I’m off to, I drive on automatic pilot. Sometimes I’m day dreaming or singing along to my favorite tunes and suddenly I’m at my destination. I sometimes wonder how that happens!

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  10. So you’re the guy who’s always doing 10mph under the speed limit looking all over the place as if you just landed on this planet. I’ll bet you drive a red car. Yep, I’ve seen you on the road before.

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