Read any good books lately?

It’s summer time and everyone needs a good book. Anyone read anything good lately?

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  1. I just finished reading _Blue Like Jazz_ by Don Miller. I’m not very good at writing book reviews, so here are a few comments about the book: it reads quick, it is entertaining, and by the end of the book you want to be friends with the author.

  2. Blue Like Jazz does sounds like a nice book. I haven’t finished mine yet, but I’m reading a travel book by a Belgian journalist about Canada. He seems to be doing nothing much but ride buses and act all suprised and innocent all the time, whereas he sneakily tries to insert his conceited preconceptions.

    I’m also reading Atomised by Michel Houellebecq. It’s over the top, sadistic, grossly oversexed, and will probably turn out as a French provincial version of American Psycho. The author seems like a twat.

    See how these are not nice books? Still, I’m enjoying them : -) and will review them on my blog later perhaps.

  3. A little while ago I finished reading How to Make Love to a Porn Star: The Jenna Jameson Story. Pretty long and pretty much what you’d expect from a porn star but fairly entertaining regardless.

    Right now I’m reading “Firewall” by Andy McNabb — former member of the British SAS. It reads quite well with some amazing attention to details. Because of his past with the SAS he draws a lot from personal experience.

    The first book I read of his, “Bravo Two Zero”, was a true story of his experience in Iraq. You should give that a read as well.

  4. I just finished Song of Susannah from the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Reading Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Book One: Prodigal Son now. In between those I’m reading and enjoying CSS Mastery (Andy Budd) and Layout Workbook (Kristin Cullen).

    I also recently updated my LibraryThing list with some new book purchases.

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