Razorfish merges

Whatever is left of Razorfish after what has to be years of mergers, layoffs, and turnover, has been purchased by a company called Avenue A. So if you’re following the saga of the big guns it’s interesting.

2 responses to “Razorfish merges”

  1. This is really turning into a saga – huh? I can remember the “early” days, when RF was this little interactive company with a bit of a rebellious edge.

    It hasn’t really been that long since they were bought out by SBI has it?

  2. Yeah, I believe it’s been about 1-year, but I’m not certain.

    Of interest also is that Bob Bernard, former CEO of marchFIRST (where I worked) is now heading up Whittman-Hartagain, where he came from. Crazy.

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