I’m posting some interesting links and tidbits that weren’t good enough to justify a single post. So here goes…

Here’s some interesting trivia for you. You know Hoss on Bonanza? Well, Dan Blocker who played Hoss started and owned the Bonanza steak house restaurant chain. Also known as Ponderosa Steak House. Betcha you didn’t know that!

When was the last time you heard someone use the word loquacious in a sentence?

SkySails looks promising.

Awhile back Ben pointed out this company and an interesting article on Wired about how they built the software in 7-months without even having office space.

Vintage mural ads on building brickfaces in New York City
The Shamu Cam!

This robot grenade launcher looks pretty tough. Click here to watch a video (7 MB).

Check out and be amazed. Some company has created an email web app that runs entirely in Flash. I got the cool user id of: dude at although I’m sure I’ll never check it.

The Ariel Atom racecarvia Gary.

Grow a beard.

The winners of the WordPress theme contest.

Gear Live tries to justify the one-button Apple mouse. Somebody needs to take a step backwards and do a reality check. Exactly how is a three button mouse more complex and hard to use than a one button mouse? The logic doesn’t make sense. Telling somebody to control click is just the same as right click. Please.

It’s neat to view San Diego from Google Maps Satellite view. I found it interesting how the color of the landscape changes based on when the photos were taken.

Firefox can prefetch pages. Here’s the instructions. Essentially if you place a tag on your links it will preload possible pages the user could go to.

The new James Bond. I’ve never heard of him. I’m really surprised that the producers didn’t even call me. I mean, come on. The producers of the hugely successful James Bond film franchise have chosen British actor Daniel Craig to take over the role of the suave super-spy, a report said.

Here’s a video of a Venus Fly Trap clamping shut. Pretty cool. There are some other videos here.

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  1. I don’t think the guy talking about three button mice is saying that they’re “more complex and hard to use.” He’s just saying that a lot of people don’t even use the extra buttons. I think he’s also making the statement that the worth of a computer doesn’t revolve around how many buttons the mouse it comes with has.

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