Quack quack (wasn’t that an original headline)

This little duck was enjoying the swimming pool. Somebody threw some bread in and she ate it all up quack. I mean, quick.

3 responses to “Quack quack (wasn’t that an original headline)”

  1. …not trying to be persnickity, but I believe that particular duck is a “she”..not a he 😉 Mallards (male ducks) have a green neck and subtle color differences in the body and feathers(usually grey/white).

    I know I know, who cares, well, you never know. Some 6 year old could read this and get really confused, then in class Miss suzy will ask him, hey little Johnny, which ones the boy duck. Then, he’ll be like “that BROWN one Miss Suzy!” and will think he is real smart …then WHAM!..Miss Suzy says NO! NO! NO! little johnny, you are all WRONG!!!…and the poor child will never trust another Brainfuel post again, not to mention be scarred for life from the experience of having confidence in his knowledge, then stripping it away from him making him question anything he thought he “knew”….

    …but that’s just me. So uh, yeah, I think it’s a boy duck.

    Your local Brainguels Duck Expert,

  2. Jeff, I think you are right. In fact, I know you are. I should’ve known that. The colorful ones, typically greens and such are the males.

  3. Oh, wow, this isn’t even a Mallard at all… I think you’ve discovered a whole new species of duck!!! (J/k) 😉

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