Putting this into words

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve developed a certain writing style here on BrainFuel. You could almost call it a tone or way of writing.

I think that’s ok.

There’s a place for every type of writing style and some things call for their own. A personal journal written for friends should be different than what I write on a semi-corporate blog.

Speaking of a corporate blog. I’m not certain whether BrainFuel is a corporate blog for Tornado, or if it’s a random bazaar of links to cool web sites, or even if it’s just for experimentation. I also don’t think it matters because it’s great fun to write on BrainFuel.

Now I’m rambling.

Back to my point in writing this post: I’ve been working on a personal site (dare I say, blog) and while it’s under construction I won’t post a link to it. I wrote a half dozen posts for my personal site and decided I didn’t like the direction it was taking. When I do launch it I thought it’d be smart to have some content for people to read.

I had to read some of the posts over at Peter Rukavina’s weblog before I discovered why I was dissatisifed though. For example: Read Peter’s post about his trip to France and his attempts to find a WiFi spot with free internet.

Isn’t that so much fun to read!? All of his posts are like that. A sort of story format and I expressely like that style. It’s what I was shooting for when I first had the idea to start a personal site. Telling stories.

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