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  • Elevator Button

    I just finished reading the Elevator Button Problem. A short story about how even something as simple as the elevator button needs to be designed. Even crazier, the article mentions a Paternoster. A sort of elevator that never stops. Watch this video for a demonstration. It does not look safe! Inspired by a post on […]

  • First Ever TEDxPhoenix Coming to Arizona!

    This is a guest post by longtime BrainFuel fan Tomas Carrillo. Hey BrainFuel readers, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about Arizona’s first ever TEDxPhoenix event which is scheduled to take place this Friday, November 6th from 6pm to 9pm at the Mesa Arts Center. For those of you who aren’t familiar […]

  • It shouldn’t be this hard to get keys

    The day we moved into our office we loaded a truck with half of our stuff and drove to the new office around 12 o’clock. Everything was in order so we began moving in. Around 5 o’clock that evening we started to ask about keys for the office. We were assured they would be forthcoming. […]

  • The Homeless Guy at Subway

    On Friday, we went over to Subway to get a bite to eat, and while we were eating a fellow walked over to our table. “Would you mind sparing a quarter or 50 cents so I can get a bite to eat?” The first thing that naturally crossed my mind was what this man could […]