It shouldn’t be this hard to get keys

The day we moved into our office we loaded a truck with half of our stuff and drove to the new office around 12 o’clock. Everything was in order so we began moving in. Around 5 o’clock that evening we started to ask about keys for the office. We were assured they would be forthcoming.

Around 7 pm we make our last trip and pull up to the new office but find the gate locked. We can’t get in!

And worse: there are still people from our team inside! They were locked in by other tenants.

So we phone the landlord. No answer.

Phone again, no answer. This isn’t looking good.

About 10 minutes later we hear that the maintenance man is coming by with a key to the gate.

To make a long story short, we threatened to change the locks on our doors that night if they didn’t get us keys (we had no way to lock them from the inside). We had keys in our pockets within 30 minutes.

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  1. just when you guys were moving in to a new office so were we. the real story though is at the old office which i’d left. and the advice i have is to record the state of the office when you first moved in.

    now our old office was in a fair bit of disrepair when i first moved in three years ago and no amount of cajoling could convince the landlord to do anything about it. or at least not speedily enough so, in the end, we made many improvements to the place including replacing the old carpeting and damaged ceiling boards, repainting the place and installing new electrical and lighting points.

    fortunately, we had these modifications entered into the lease agreement and a clause added in so that we’d not be required to do any restoration work when i left.

    now there’s a complication – the landlady (the wife and replacing the landlord in all transactions) is seeking loopholes to insist we repaint the place – again – and restore a few other of the only bits that have some very minor evidence of three years of wear and tear.

    i know i’m covered but she still holds our 2+1 months worth in security deposits and will get it back in the end. so it’s only a matter of time as i don’t think any of us want to resort to legal action for something so trivial.

    bottomline: an album of pictures would have told the story much more eloquently.

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