Predictions for The Internet in 2007

I was at Refresh Phoenix last night and the question asked of everyone was about predictions for 2007. I predicted that there will be a lot of MySpace clones in tight niches. I also predicted that A/B Split Testing will grow in popularity. Some of the other predictions surrounded Web 2.0 and the eventual busting of the bubble. While a few thought it would be a financial burst, most thought it was just a slowdown that we could expect.

A few people think the iPhone will rock things. I’d say they might be right, however it’s a rather expensive phone and right now most of my friends don’t have $500 phones. We’ll have to see. One person made a rather funny prediction: MySpace will re launch as an all CSS design. Everyone laughed.

What are some of your predictions for the web in 2007?

11 responses to “Predictions for The Internet in 2007”

  1. I get the feeling that a lot of folks are predicting the web2.0 bubble busting just to be able to say, “See! I told you so!” 😉

  2. I think that’s so true. I honestly think that things are going well in web app land. I cringe though when people ask for sites that are 100% monetized by advertising and they need eyeballs fast.

  3. I predict that Vista will launch to consumers, will promptly be hacked, and then will be largely ignored by the vast majority of average people for the first half of the year. The main people adopting it will be gamers who want a taste of DirectX 10 and games like Crysis. Another group of people who will adopt it almost immediately are the people who purchased “express upgrade” packages with their new systems (although even these people will take their sweet time to upgrade).

  4. I also predict that a lot of video, file sending, project management, and myspace-esque clones will be launched by dreamers who want a piece of the web 2.0 pie. Due to the way how certain other sites like youtube and myspace were bought out, many of these dreamers will expect instant success and loads of cash. Unfortunately, the main ones that will make it big will be the ones who are first to the market with genuinely unique, useful ideas that are able to capture users. The rest will struggle along and eventually their operating costs will cause them to fade into relative obscurity.

  5. I predict that Tornado will launch a web app, making thousands of people’s dreams come true. The profits will be used to feed the starving and homeless people, and the leftovers will be used to buy ponies for children.

  6. i think the iPhone is iHype – web2.0 is just a tag to internet business… dont doen a different way, not unique in design… just plain ol’ internet business nothing more.

  7. My main concern is that you can’t guarantee every page of your website will be included in the SERPs. Considering I’m constantly adding new products to my company’s website, I need to be sure that customers can find them as soon as possible.

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