Please get rid of those alt tags

We had a client ask us to get rid of all of the Alt tags on their site. Despite our efforts to explain what they did. It’s always interesting to me how people ask for things without getting all of the facts. Making decisions without knowing the consequences you could say. In the same meeting the client asked us what we were doing to optimize their site for search engines.

6 responses to “Please get rid of those alt tags”

  1. “In addition to gettting rid of the alt tags, could you get rid of those pesky p tags too? And while you’re at it, could you start automating our atuomation process?”

  2. ALT isn’t actually a tag so much as it is an attribute. 😉 And a very important one at that. I would seriously tell them that the attribute is non-negotioable, and that browsers insert them automatically. I mean, if they’re dumb enough to want them gone, they’re dumb enough to believe you have no control over it.

  3. Jared,

    You are so right. I’ve always called them tags out of habit. Odd. Anyways, the attributes are gone now so it’s done. The dirty deed has been taken care of.

  4. Man, I can’t believe clients do things like this, it really frustrates me when I do something well only to have a client demand something stupid (I am however getting better at putting my foot down). It also breaks my heart to see some sites that I have done in the past have been migrated back to tables.

    I wouldn’t mind but at the end of the day all previous work forms your portfolio and how do you then go on to explain “… well… err, it *was* built properly but isn’t now”.

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