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I was recently exclaiming the benefits of living in Arizona. We have a thriving web community, winters that blend into spring and fall — and last a good 6 months. We have lots of variety (it isn’t all desert) in our landscape. We’re less than 8 hours from California and the cost of living is far less than the west coast. Did I miss anything?

Now, it’s your turn. Pitch your hometown to BrainFuel readers…

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  1. Antwerp, Belgium. In the centre of Europe, high speed train connections to Amsterdam, Paris or London at less than two hours. Home to some of the greatest Renaissance and Baroque art. Centre for literature, fashion and culture. Half a million inhabitants, making for just enough city feeling and plenty of cozy restaurants, great pubs (Belgian beer and no closing times) and a terrific music scene (from jazz to techno). Oh, and no earthquakes or other natural threats.

  2. Welcome to Brighouse, a town with its heritige in the Industrial Revolution. Only 15 minutes drive from leeds (major metropolitan centre), 30 minutes from Manchester with access to M1 and M6 via M62 (Motorways), Brighouse provides a rural hub for our business with its quaint markets cafe bars and canal side settings Brighouse presents an ideal oportunity for any business.

    BTW all of that is complete hype, how it should read is:

    Welcome to brighouse, its dark, the sun never shines, rent is cheap, to reflect the shabby nature of this dieing town with its town centre full of charity shops and traffic jams whenever you dare trying to journey via a motorway you can be safe in the knowledge that Brighouse town council will happily raise council tax, and their wages way above inflation, ripping you off, charging for every available parking space and spending money on complete rubbish then complaining because theres no money left to grit the road when it snows.

  3. The City of Commerce, one of the richest cities in Los Angeles. We don’t have billionaires living in our area, but most of the city is industrial, which means we tax the crap out of them, and the citizens get all the benefits. If you are a resident here, you can go to the cities gym, the pool, dance classes, the bus, and a bunch of other stuff for free. You can also go to camp commerce near the arrowhead lake for 6 dollars, meals included.

    The city is in the Los Angeles County, and right next to the 5 and 710 freeway. With in an hour you can be at the beach, in the mountains, the desert, Hollywood, and downtown LA. (LA also has a great night life) LA is also where the entertainment industry is at. And if your into porn, it’s the porn capital of the world! Sure, LA has bad traffic, but once you know how, and when to use what freeway, you’re fine.

    It is culturally diverse here: My brother is Mexican, he has a black guy, an Irish guy, and a Canadian guy as friends. My brothers’ girlfriend is Asian. If you live here, you will find yourself culturally enriched and eliminate any hate towards any race.

    Come on down for a visit.

  4. Curitiba, in the south region of Brasil, it has a tropical weather, but it’s kinda of cold sometimes. The natural beauty ( especially feminine ) is wonderful. The cost of living is cheap, and I’m only 6 hours from São Paulo, and 6 hours from Florianópolis.
    It’s some of the biggest city in the country and the most evolved one, pollution is relative low.
    It lacks better web jobs, so I will make my plunge here, if anyone want to outsource design and/or xhtml+css jobs to me, I ask for about $17 per hour my gmail is grilo@gmail.com.

  5. I am going to say that arizona isnt that great but since i chose to live there (here) I am going to say that my town is where its at. Small town with a bit of Americana left. Annual parades for every occasion. Politics small enough that your vote matters. Open market for anything you want to do. I currently own a design business, a coffee shop, and I am waiting to start some new thing. My sister is a master chef at a new restaurant. People are genuine, Weather is nice. 20minutes to the tree line of the mountains. 20min to a lake, 20min to a river and an hour from Phoenix metropolis.

    Spend three days in a row here and you wont want to leave…probably

  6. I live in Norwalk California in Los Angeles County, not to far from Orange County (The O.C.). Well living in Southern California is awesome, we have so many sites and things to do, minutes from theme parks, major concerts, beaches, downtown Los Angeles clubs. You don’t have to drive to far to find something to do. Drive a little farther out(little over an hour) to neighboring counties and you can find Indian casinos, Palm Springs, Mountains, skiing(during winter), lake fishing and so much more. Not to mention about four hours drive to Vegas.

    Traffic is a hassle and you can’t get away from it. But I do not have a long commute, most people are moving farther out of the county due to real estate prices and having longer commutes. The median priced home is now somewhere between $450-500k and I probably won’t be buying a home till the market goes down, but I seriously can’t see myself living anywhere else.

  7. Brisbane, one of the best places in the world. 🙂 In the sunshine state of Queensland, “beautiful one day, perfect the next”. Queensland is also home to the famous Gold Coast beaches.

    Back to Brisbane though, called “Brissy” by Aussie’s. It’s a multicultural city that’s expanding very fast. Over the last few years house prices have escalated as people from all over the country have moved to the sought after sunny lifestyle.

    The span of Brisbane is huge, the CBD is not very big, although it’s growing rapidly. The city is based on a river called The Brisbane River and the population spans the entire length of the river and more.

    Currently south east Queensland, which is where Brisbane is located, is suffering from a drought. There hasn’t been decent rain for over a year and the dams where our water is supplied are all below 30% capacity. Water restrictions have been enforced, but with no rain and most probably a scortching summer approaching, things aren’t looking good.

    The weather for Brisbane is similar to what Chris described for Arizona, the Winter blends into the Autumn and Spring. This year spring came when there was still a month of winter left and the temperature at the moment is like Summer and it’s still Winter!

    Having our Christmas in Summer is very hot, no white Xmas. Most of the time Xmas day is around 40C (104F), so it’s eat, drink lots of beer, sleep. The other days of summer aren’t much cooler, if not hotter.

    Anyway Brisbane is a great place, not too crowded, but it’s no country town either. 🙂

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