Pick Lettuce

lettuceWould you rather do your current job or pick lettuce in a field all day? Assume that you could make $50 an hour whichever occupation you chose.

5 responses to “Pick Lettuce”

  1. I thought picking tea leaves sounded nice. Probably not lettuce though, too many slugs and bugs.

  2. If I had to pick lettuce all day, I’d go postal (or go grocery, I suppose) within a week regardless of the pay. Besides, I’d have to spend half of my earnings on a chiropractor after all of that bending.

  3. If I picked lettuce for a living, I’d probably want to do what I do now. Being outside all day in the sun sounds nice right now, but a few months of that would become not fun in a hurry. Ideally, I’d change professions quarterly. (Maybe I need to host one of those tv shows that features a different job each episode.)

  4. I’ll do it. $50 an hour, get outside, work hard. Sounds much better than what I’m doing now. And better me than some illegal.

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