PDF Templates For Commonly Printed Items

Web Design in PhoenixHere’s a great resource for BrainFuel readers. You know how every once in a while you need a template for a CD Cover, or a VHS Cassette? Well, Avery provides templates in Word format, which is useless for designers.

Enter Worldlabel.com, a resource that provides all of the Avery templates in PDF format (so you can import into your favorite design tools).

Creative Guy explains the site the best:

Worldlabel offers tons of standard Avery label templates in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for download absolutely free. Mailing labels, CD/DVD labels, Kiskettes, Audio Cassette, VHS, square, round and more.

The template listing available on the site lists not only the dimensions, labels per sheet and description, but the official Avery Item Number so you can be sure you’re downloading the correct label format for the package you already purchased from your local office supply store.

Hat tip: Performance Design.

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  1. I was thinking that it would be just as easy to take the provided Word template and convert it to a PDF using Zamzar.com or some other .doc to .pdf converter. Yet it looks like Worldlabel’s business comes from selling adhesive labels in bulk so providing the PDF templates comes in handy. Nice resource to have.

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