Past, Present, Future: Where do you stand?

Assign a % to each that you are focused on, on an average day. For example, I myself would say that I am focused 75% on the present, and 20% on the future, while only 5% on the past.

Where do you stand?

2 responses to “Past, Present, Future: Where do you stand?”

  1. While I try to extract wisdom and discernment for the future and present from my past, I’m not sure I can actually say that I can assign a % to the past (dwelling on the past?).

    I usually keep the 80/20 rule for all business/personal development management: 80% of your income comes from 20% of the work, 80% of your efforts create 20% of your vision.

    I’m a big John Maxwell guy – I read a lot of his leadership and development books. They have certainly helped me out.

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