Out of Body Experience

Have you ever had an out of body experience? Is it even possible? I feel like I’m having an out of body experience whenever I forget to eat lunch.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s possible. Tell me what you think!

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  1. It’s interesting you combine the OoB experience with goiing without food.

    Whenever my blood sugar gets low, I get what I guess you could compare to an OoBE. It’s not that I’m floating above it all and experiencing life from a 3rd person pov, but rather I feel as though I’m an observer, rather than an active participant in my own life.

    It’s as if my body were a theater and my eyes the screen, and I’m sitting within myself watching it all play out. There, but disconnected — participating, but not engaged.

    The weird thing is that I dont key in to this weird observant but non-participatory feeling. What usually clues me in that there’s trouble ahead in the land of Oz is the onset of lightheadedness. That’s when I know I need to break into some lunch and a soft drink — quickly.

    If you’re serious about feeling that way whenever you skip lunch, you might want to have it looked into, if you haven’t already.

    Other than that, no, I haven’t had an OoBE.

    ; )

  2. i used to have a mild anxiety problem, and at times i would either feel out of body, or like a complete zombie. the brain can do weird stuff when you’re depressed or stressed.

    i’ve had everything, tunnel vision, out of body, panic attacks – i was on a rollercoaster there for a bit. it was swell.

    low blood sugar can also produce weird feelings. i usually get the shakes or tremors real bad if i don’t eat enough.

    fun times, lemme tell ya.

  3. Sometime when i experience deja vu i get an out of body experience. But i don’t know if it’s a full out of body experience in the sense of looking at myself from the outter.

  4. Mark, you basically described what I was trying to communicate. If I don’t eat anything for a long time and I’m light headed, I begin to lose focus and my productivity drops to near zero.

  5. Do you all whop have had an illness believe you “left your body” to seek recovery or medicine? So type of cure??

    Its said that you can project with a need. The need would be frustrative. Like you need a drink of water bad. Or you have anxiety over not taking your nighttime meds. Then your body uses the stress to reach your sub-conscious and you take off…

    Who knows. And who can prove this??? Its like if I told you I was “astral projecting”. You challenge me to come see your car, or house. i do it and report to you with factual descriptions. It would be freaky.


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