One Thing

In the spirit of simple is better I present my version of four things as one thing. I got tagged by Beth Dean.

  • One Job I’ve Had in My Life — I actually exported electronic components to England once.
  • One movie I can watch over and over — This would most likely be The Return of The King
  • One place I have lived — St. Louis
  • One TV show I love to watch — Without a doubt it would be 24
  • One place I have been on vacation — Norway
  • One website I visit daily — Drudge Report
  • One of my favourite foods — Pad Thai
  • One place I would rather be right now — Skiing
  • One blogger I am tagging — Andrew Smith

4 responses to “One Thing”

  1. Haha, well. I got to writing out four things and I realized I wouldn’t even read it and decided I’d have time to read one thing. Plus I couldn’t think of 4 tv shows. 🙂

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